The Ascent of Digital

This is why we are so excited about Digital


Advertising in the digital space continues to grow exponentially in the Australian market with no sign of slowing down. While non-digital channels remain important in the overall marketing mix, the share of these channels have remained relatively static in recent years usurped by the rampant growth of online based marketing strategies.  PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts, internet advertising will exceed half of the total Australian paid advertising market within five years.

digital advertising in australia

Source: PWC Entertainment and Media Outlook report

Within the digital segment, mobile advertising in particular is the strongest performer with experts arguing the Smartphone is one of the biggest game changers in history.  50-75% of consumer internet usage is mobile based in 2015 so the marketing message to businesses is clear: Get mobile or get left behind.  

Digital advertising is highly effective at increasing customer engagement, targeting segments of the market, generating new business opportunities and developing consumer demand – all of which are positively affecting the bottom line of Australian businesses.  All the while, on a cost per conversion basis, digital is among one of the most cost-efficient ways of reaching a targeted audience.  It is also highly measurable and easy to track, removing the need to invest in expensive market research to validate the success of campaigns.

With all of this in mind, digital advertising is showing no signs of slowing down and businesses need to act now if they want to engage with the next generation of internet users. At Total Exact Solutions, we’re passionate about keeping up to date with the latest technologies to drive your business and make your life easier. Give us a call or email us at to learn more about digital and how it can help grow your brand

  • Erin Reuben, Manager of Engagement for Total Exact Solutions, Australia



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