TV Advertising and Why it Works

Total Exact provides more than just radio solutions and this month we look at the current trends in advertising, and why it works. Television advertising has been on the rise and we wanted to see why.

Television advertising works because people love watching TV, with a huge 15 million people watching commercial TV every day.

A Deloitte survey of more than 2,000 Australians shows that watching television is one of Australia’s preferred sources of entertainment. It is what we do to take our mind off life’s stresses, entertain us while we eat dinner, or to wind down after work.

Even if we don’t solely focus on TV, we are still more influenced by its advertising than we think. Millward Brown’s Ad Reaction study detailed that multi-screen users pay more attention to the ads they see on a TV than on any other screen. Additionally, recent bio-metric research shows that TV commercials are 4 times more engaging than video ads on Facebook.

The added power of storytelling helps TV ads succeed. The combination of moving images and sound means consumers are not only more likely to engage with your brand, but there is also a higher chance of them remembering you. It helps create that all-important emotional connection that drives engagement and loyalty. A recent neuroscience study found that advertisements with the best emotional response increased sales by 23%.

Television is such an integrated part of daily life, why not use it as an additional advertising source?

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