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VT Log Maintenance: In a Nutshell

One of the big benefits of VT is the ability for it to automatically schedule spots for you. When setup correctly, VT will automatically perform the lion’s share of the work when placing spots onto the logs.

To ensure you are using VT to your benefit, keep in mind the following when in Log Maintenance:

The grid in log maintenance shows all of the days of the selected month. Days with logs are colour-coded to show the current status of the log.

Green Border Indicates an active log that is in the Dynamic phase. VT will automatically schedule spots for new orders and any changed spots on existing orders for these days.

Yellow Border Indicates an active log that has been Pigeon Holed. VT will automatically schedule spots for new orders, however changes to spots on existing orders will automatically be placed on the bump list.

Red Border Indicates an Official Log. Official logs are ready to air. All new spots or changes to existing spots will be placed on the bump list.

While it’s unlikely that VT will be able to place absolutely every spot for a log day, maximising the number of Dynamic (Green) and then Pigeon Holed (yellow) log days will allow VT to do the majority of the work for you leaving the difficult decisions it can’t make to you.

If you would like further information, please email our support department at support@totalexact.com.au

CRA Gold Standard Accreditation

Did you know Total Exact are fully-endorsed by Commercial Radio Australia (CRA)?                       

The radio audience data from new provider GfK can now be accessed by subscribers through accredited radio analysis software packages, rather than being tied to one single radio analysis software package.

Gold Standard accredited software use a common calculation base and standard industry language, terms and parameters.

The administrator of the Gold Standard Ian Garland, managing director of Milton Data Pty Ltd, explained: “We have tested all of the software systems against a wide variety of metrics and are pleased to see that all of the accredited providers are providing results consistent with the industry currency.”

The list of Gold Standard certified software suppliers is available on CRA website.

The five year radio audience contract with GfK introduces an e-diary for computers, tablets and mobile phones, synchronized across the platforms and compatible with all operating systems.

CRA Media contact: Melissa Fleming 0417 499 529.