AdVenture iPad

Ultimate flexibility for sales reps who are always on the go



Keep your sales reps on the road and provide customers with a face to face, interactive experience



Take advantage of AdVenture iPad’s inbuilt GeoLocator, which maps out all of your customers in a particular vicinity


Campaign Timing

Don’t waste time tediously entering orders into your traffic system.  Have AdVenture do the hard work for you!



Sales reps can view their budget, schedule appointments and manage briefs so they can effectively manage their time and prioritise sales




Tailor your sales process
Manage your sales reps more effectively by providing a consistent sales process and uniform language tailored to your business.  With the AdVenture “To Do’s” you can develop your own sales methodology and custom-name your steps.
Appointments appear simultaneously in both email and AdVenture —no syncing required!
Set an activity budget and get regular reports to find out if your reps are doing enough activity to meet their budget.

Build a brief with confidence
Improve your chance of sales success by creating a brief which pieces together information obtained in early consultations with the prospect and build as you go. In the early stages, all you require is a prospect name.  Add more details in time —a budget, a demographic, when the campaign should start, and which stations they want to advertise on.

Convert a brief to an order seamlessly
Show customers where their spots will fall, or give them your iPad and let them choose! Once the customer has agreed to the brief, enter it manually or let AdVenture do the work for you!  AdVenture will choose the spot based on cost-efficiency or placement.